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Chapter 1:


“You’ll never understand!” I growled, the fur on my spine rising. The cave echoed my anger as I fought with my father.

“You will stay here and become alpha,” my father snarled taking a step closer to me.

“I don’t want to be something I'm not!’ I snapped, backing away from him. He followed. Backing me in a corner I had no choice but to crouch down.

“You will do what I tell you. If I say you’re going to be alpha, then you are,” he growled once more, his pale, gray muzzle was in my face. His breath was full of death, it masked his own scent.

I blinked and growled, shifting my front paws. “I will not do such a thing! I’m not a pup! You can't control me!” I started to get on my paws, the cave floor slowly disappeared from under my belly. My green gaze stared into his brown ones. “I will not follow you! And I won’t take care of this pack either!” I stood over him as he seemed to shrink, I snapped my jaws in small nips as I forced him to the ground, he eventually fell into a bow. I growled and nipped at his ear one last time before running past the beta. Shoving between others, I pushed myself through the dense undergrowth.

    My father’s howl ran through the woods before it was chorus seeming to follow me. I pushed myself forward, using my claws to propel me as they dug into the moist dirt.

“My son! My son needs to be found! Hunt him down!” My father’s angry howl rang out. I shivered before turning my head to look behind me. I saw the quick gray pelt of Flash and the russet color of Sonny. Looking ahead i ran even faster, Obviously send the fastest wolves, i thought. Looking behind me again,another gray pelt bursted from the bushes and hit Sonny, knocking him to the ground. I stopped and turned to face the fight.

Flash turned her attention to the gray wolf. He was tall and skinny, nearly all his ribs shown through his thin coat. “You’re trespassing on our terf!” He growled, several others came out of the shrubs and began circling them like vultures.

“You stupid mutt! We were on a mission!” Sonny scrambled to his paws and thrusted his muzzle in the gray wolf’s face.

“Let's go. We’ll tell Alpha the mission was unsuccessful,” Flash snarled and turned, as she started to the territory the group of rouges made an opening for them. “And Ash, Alpha wouldn’t like it that you stopped us,” she said calmly as she turned her head to face him.

    “Well, tell him he can chase his tail!” Ash laughed evilly, the others laughed silently amongst themselves. Flash growled and turned to the territory again, disappearing in the brush as Sonny followed.

    Ash’s yellow gaze flickered in my direction, I shivered and started to run. “There’s more! Kill him! Kill him now! I want to see him suffer the consequences of trespassing!” Ash howled angrily as his yellow eyes filled with anger. His group of rouges started the chase.

    “Come ‘ere puppy! We wanna play!” one laughed joyously. I kept my eyes on them as they barked and yelped, not noticing where i was going i ran into something.

“Watch it!” The figured growled angrily.

“S- sorry, I’m being- chased,” I said gasping for breath.

“Ash…” she said quietly, “Rusty! You know the drill!” she called for Rusty.

“Something is over there. Go check it out.” one of the wolves ordered as a bush shuttered further from us.

    “Follow me, there’s a spot where you can hide,” she whispered before jumping in some bushes, I nodded and followed her.

“Who are you?” I asked when we entered a small den.

    “I’m Delilah,” she paused as an orange figure crawled under her paws’ “and this is Rusty.” As she said this it popped its head out from between her paws.

“Is that a cat?” I asked, tilting my head. Then in that moment I realized she wasn't a wolf. “Whoa! Wait, you’re a dog? Then that means, Ash and his gang are dogs?” I growled being defensive. “I’m being chased by a pet? I could tear them apart with my claws,” I growled getting angrier and angrier.

    “Keep it down! You’ll get us killed!” Rusty hissed quietly as the drumming of paws passed the den entrance. Enflared I stared at the paws as i breathed heavily.

    For several moments we were quiet, only the drops of cold water and a momentarily squeak of a mouse was heard until it was broken, “ They’re gone,” Delilah sighed heavily in relief. I pushed past them and crawled out. I started to pace in circles.

    “Dogs… dogs! I was running away from dogs! And I was saved by a dog and a cat!” I snarled.

“Well, you're welcome.” Rusty hissed, fluffing out her tail fur.

    “Shut it before you’re lunch!” I snapped at the oarnge furball.

“Both of you quit it and shut up!” Delilah growled throwing her muzzle into mine, barely missing each other’s whiskers. “You can come or not but, we’re leaving,”  she said calmly before     turning and pushing the cat into the leaves of a bush. Delilah turned to look at me before following the cat. I waved my tail over the dead, wet leaves before following.

    “I’m coming,” i said angrily to them. Rusty rolled her eyes and ran up ahead. I caught up to Delilah and whispered to her, “I don’t think Musty likes me.”

    Delilah laughed, “ Rusty, and she doesn't trust anyone as easily. I took care of her since she was a kitten.” Delilah sighed as she watched Rusty wave her tail in the air.

    “Right, Rusty,” i rolled my eyes.

    “We’re here,” Delilah said finally as we started to walk on a cave floor.

    “Where are we?” I asked looking around, my voice echoing off the rocky walls.

    “Home,” she said simply as she wiggled into a small cranny. I followed barely making it. It opened up to reveal glowing wet moss on the ceiling and walls. The moss illuminated the den dully as I could see a faint figure of Rusty.

    “Rusty, gather some moss,” Delilah said as she disappeared into darkness.

    “Just so you know, I’ll rip your eyes out if you hurt me or Delilah.” Rusty hissed as she climbed the wall and gathered some moss.

    “Fair enough,” I paused, “what’s this for?”

    “To make a bed,” she said as she let large clumps fall into a pile on the cave floor.

    “Thanks, I guess,” I padded over and grabbed it before walking away.

    Rusty grabbed her bit and ran up ahead of me, “over here,” she mumbled through moss. I followed and placed it on the floor. The moss was already losing its glow by the time Delilah came back, she carried a mouse and two rabbits.

    “Here you guys go,” she mumbled as she dropped them in front of us. I grabbed the rabbit and went to sit in my newly made nest. Delilah grabbed her half and sat with Rusty, I like Musty better, I thought taking my first bite.Taking the first bite was amazing, without noticing i scarfed it down. Rusty and Delilah started at me as I licked my lips and gnawed on the remains.


    “Have you eaten rabbit?” Rusty smirked in the dull light, “That's probably why you ran away.”

    “That’s not it,” I snarled getting to my paws.

    “Stop! Let him eat his meal without you ruining the silence!” Delilah snapped at Rusty, it was the first time I saw the cat shrink and not snap something back. I sat back down and grabbed my bone I was chewing on, I continued to chew on it as I watched Rusty sit quietly over her meal.

“Everyone needs to rest. We have a big day tomorrow.” Delilah got to her paws and went to curl up in her nest, Rusty only blinked. I curled up to as I was ready to sleep, the cat got to her paws and curled up beside Delilah without a word said. I closed my eyes to see my father’s.


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Howdy, I'm Coda! And I would like to thank some friends who've been there for me.
and a few others who don't have a deviant account. I would also like to include I have nothing at home better to do but draw so I can take requests and trades.
I'm a annoying 16 yr old who loves snow leopard. Draw me one and were BFFS. I love to draw and read, plus meet new people. And I'm a country person. I love fishing, I can't hunt because I can let fish go. Once you kill a deer you can't let it go so that bothers me. A lot. Hit the watch button to join the pack! :)


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