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  1. Spottedrain- female calico feline with a unusual gray raindrop- like shape on her forehead. She has amber eyes and lives in TwilightClan.

  2. Jay- a gray Kibiric with talons for front paws, two blue bands on her fluffy tipped ears, a bluejay necklace with claws/ talons and feathers, and lastly a long whispy tail with a feathered tip. Her wings are a pale gray with bluejay feathers speckled throughout. Blue fire and ice powers when angered, slight Arcadia. Obsidian’s mate and Thunder’s mother.

  3. Rahul- a male australian shepard with a red bandanna and dark brown eyes.

  4. RadioActive- a male white wolf with bright blind- like green, glowing eyes and a scar over the left eye which is green. His tongue is long and pointed, his mouth foams a green ooze endlessly. He was an experiment that was left alive after radioactive fluid exploded and killed everything in the lab.

  5. Cory- a galaxy colored Blindjaw, her head is skull like, cracked, and holey. A bright green aurora is visible.

  6. Fang- a jet black wolf with a scar snaking down his left eye to his neck. His eyes are a icy blue and his new mate is Crescent, after Tacari was killed.

  7. Crescent- a white wolf with blind blue eyes and a black crescent shape on her left thigh.

  8. Coda- he is a pale gray, fluffy chested and necked wolf with bright green eyes and black and white triangular shapes under his eyes with black circles beside them. His ear and tail tips are also black. (same way as feline)

  9. Ashfire- light gray pelt with darker gray speckled female with golden/ orange eyes.

  10. Spottedjay- a mix of Jay and Spottedrain

  11. Tawny- tan coated feline with white and dark brown tipped ears and orange circular patterns under both eyes. Pawtips are dark brown, white, or tan and dark brown stripped tail.

  12. Evil Tawny- the Arcadia form of Tawny but with blood foaming around her mouth and sharper fangs.

  13. Nightdancer- a blue and purple scaled female dragon with black ears, frill on her head and back, and tan horns on her head and sides of her face.

  14. Kyra- a mixture of dragon and griffen (mostly griffen) she is all white with green eyes and yellow horns on the side of her face and on top of her head with fluffy feathered wings. She has a black frill and a yellow spiked tail.

  15. Phantom- black scaled female dragon with purple eyes and a spiked collar and chains on her neck and feet. She has black crystal like spikes clustered on the back of her head. Escaped to gain revenge from Kyra.

  16. Illusion- a white griffen like animal with black patterns and black eyes and golden pupils. He has antlers like a deer and horns similar to a goat. He also has cat- like ears with fluffy tips.

  17. Goldenleaf- a golden pelt female with a white underbelly and amber eyes.

  18. Featherjay- gray tabby female with blind- like blue eyes (is NOT blind) and two blue jay feathers in left ear.

  19. Delilah- female australian shepard with bright blue eyes.

  20. Rusty- orange tabby female feline who was rescued by Delilah.

  21. Ash- a gray grayhound with yellow eyes and scars across his flank, legs, and right side of his face.

    1. Claws- a male black and white cat with a black tail and white tipped, eyes are also yellow. Lost his life saving Spottedrain from a attacker, now lives in CloudClan.

    2. Nightraven- black female cat with golden eyes and a scar over the left one.

    3. Kiara- a white elemental wolf with green eyes with red circles beside her eyes and a arrow on her head that ends at a point at the top of her shoulders. She has a orange and red gem necklace to help her powers work.

    4. Finley- a normal red fox with pink eyes.

    5. Thunder- Jay’s offspring that is taken by humans in replacement of Jay. she is black with bluejay feathers on her face and gray feathers on the tail tip. She has red crystals on her ear tips and chest like her father, Obsidian. On her left eye she has a white thunder shape and on the right is four light blue circle- like shapes. Her tail is long and whispy also but has four light blue bands. Left front paw tip is also a light blue.

    6. Jupiter- a gray and orange hyena with oarnge to fading white mane and oarnge tail with white underbelly. She has deer like antlers and orange- yellow eyes. On her back is a orange circular shape.

    7. Splatter- a white artistic cat with blue, pink, and green spots with teal eyes and green and blue beret.

    8. Sisaria- female Blue Heeler husky mix with blue eyes, blind in the right eye and two scars over it, with a red spiked collar from her dead mate.

    9. Alaska- a black male husky with white underbelly and gray muzzle, chest, right front pawtip, left back pawtip, small spot between black and white in front of left back thigh. He also has a green bandanna for luck.

    10. Ajax- Arcadia male king cheetah with green eyes and earth elemental powers when angered.

    11. Skybreeze- a blue colored wolf with a virgo symbol on right forearm. She has silver tipped ears and bangs with green eyes. Lives in the Zodiac Tribe as a Night Protector.

    12. Wicker- male earth elemantal larkon with brown tabby patterns, golden eyes, scars on his back where wings were, a gauntlet on left paw, a wrapping on his right paw, and bird legs for back feet.

    13. Scar- a tan tabby female with several scars on her including her left eye. Her eyes are yellow and her collar is yellow and covered in canine teeth.

    14. Featherstripe- white female feline with tabby orange patterns and yellow eyes. She abandons her last living child after Spottedrain is made into a warrior, she is never seen or heard from again. Believed to have left the life of a warrior to be a kittypet.

    15. Mosskit (also known as Mossheart in CloudClan)- a black and white cat with leafy green eyes. Drowns with her brother as her family escapes a wildfire in TwilightClan.

    16. Barkkit (also known as Barkleaf in CloudClan)- brown male with orangish- brown tabby patterns and yellow eyes. Drowns with his sister as his family tries to escape the wildfire in TwilightClan.

    17. Leaf- gray with a white underbelly and blue eyes, she also has a spiked collar and spiked bracelets on each leg.

    18. Emmy- a normal red fox with yellow eyes. She roams the woods until she is accepted and saved by Coda and his newcoming pack

    19. Tigertalon- white with gray tabby patterns and blue eyes. She is confused on what is love and who she loves.

    20. Moon- a large female moon bear with silver- blue eyes.

      1. Shana- a orange and black sabertooth tiger with horns on her head with a flame between them. She has white fluff on her back and neck and brown- golden eyes.

      2. Insanity- a white female psycotic cat with brown muzzle, paw tips, tail tip, and chest with yellow eyes. She has a cat skin over herself that is white with black tipped ears, paw tips, and band on tail.

      3. Demon- black female husky with white underbelly and silver eyes.

      4. Stitches- a white pshycotic cat that has small pupils and brown eyes. She goes insane after her mate cheats on her and breaks up with her, after killing him she used stitches as so he ‘couldn’t speak in CloudClan of any lies’. Ever since she has used stitches after every murder. Every man that betrays her has a scratch on her body, stitched up.

      5. Willowbreeze- white female with orange tabby patches on he flank and deep blue eyes.

      6. Shasha- female snow leopard with blue eyes and a helmet with green and blue patterns.

      7. Saphire- blue scaled female dragon with a blue crystal on her head and blue eyes.

      8. Obsidian- black male cat with red crystal ear tips, chest, and tail tip. Jay’s mate and Thunder’s father.

      9. Wolpy- gray, black, and white lion with an Arcadia form. Back half of his body is part snow leopard. When angered he grows horns his eye patterns spread out and his green eyes are slits.

      10. Erik- human like red fox with a plaid button up, she’s a tomboy.

      11. Roxy- Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic dog with parts rusted or missing.

      12. Snare- a white oversized lizard with blues and purple scales, four eyes, and teeth outside of the mouth (skull- like) with a gold key.

      13. Nightmare- a mixed up horse of different species. All black with red highlights in mane and deer antlers.

      14. Osiris- a skeleton like animal with deer hind legs, antlers, skeleton feline tail/ spine, and teeth like Snare but more canine like. Trying to collect the keys to over take everything.

      15. Leon- a unknown breed of feline with three tails, blue, green, and purple patterns, and a bandanna from his mother to give him luck and to protect him.

      16. Zara- female liger who is captured and escapes for revenge. She wears a collar with large feline teeth and blue eyes. She is later killed by the pride leader.

      17. Flash- female snow leopard experiment with spikes on her legs and bat- like wings, and yellow glowing eyes. Her power is electricity.

      18. ‘I don’t like bugs’ lion- normal male lion who is terrified of bugs of any kind.

      19. Shadow- is a gray female squirrel.

      20. Hawk- brown female wolf with lighter tipped eaars and tail tip. She has several earrings, one holding hawk feathers and she has white painted on patterns/ symbols on her left leg.

      21. Chaos- black wolf with red glowing eyes and bandages covering his front legs’ scars from past lives. Also known as Shadow Theif and has smokey wings when he has an oppertunity to snag a shadow. He is consumed by the idea to rebuild the Shadow King (possesed by a evil force).

        1. Red- a mahogany colored hare with darker mahogany for the fur inside her ears, three spots on her forehead, and paw tips. She has a sideways triangle under her eyes pointing to a circle, both black in color including a arrow pattern on her forearms also pointing to a circle. She has three golden bracelets on her left leg and two on the right, both having one black bracelet. She has a gauntlet on her wrists/ arms that is brown and gold. Her chest and shoulders have more fluff than anywhere else. Around her mouth, under her belly and tail is white she also has longer fur on her neck and bangs that is also white. She has several earrings in her left ear and one is containing a raven and bluejay feather. Her eyes are a light blue.

        2. Camo- green and yellow oversized female lizard with leaf- like scales on her head. Her feet is a red- mahogany color. Her eyes are a bright glowing green.

        3. Godzilla- a red scaled dragon with yellow horns on his head and side of his face and large dark red wings. His eyes are also a blazing yellow color. He looks like a dinosaur by how he stands and walks on two feet than four.

A random cat that was never completed. -_-
A simple drawing of Jupiter. I will have a reference for her soon
Arcadia Outline
These species are open for anyone. If have any questions or cannot read my aweful handwriting contact me.
Kibiric Outline
These species are open for anyone to use. Only exception is to give credit where needed for the species. Any questions on it contact me.
Go to Venom-Age to enter a raffle of theirs!


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Howdy, I'm Coda! And I would like to thank some friends who've been there for me.
and a few others who don't have a deviant account. I would also like to include I have nothing at home better to do but draw so I can take requests and trades.
I'm a annoying 16 yr old who loves snow leopard. Draw me one and were BFFS. I love to draw and read, plus meet new people. And I'm a country person. I love fishing, I can't hunt because I can let fish go. Once you kill a deer you can let it go so that bothers me. A lot.
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